CNC Lathe Milling Works

Your lathe milling jobs are processed with high precision in our CNC workbenches.

Our company, which renews the machine park continuously and continues to produce with the newest and modern technologies, has been supplier and solution partner of many companies since the day it was first established.

It is possible to see the products produced by EROL Makine on CNC machines, from automotive to white goods. In order to increase our quality and service to you, in 2005 we qualified to receive our quality certificate by providing Tüv-Thüringen ISO9001: 2000 requirements. We are progressing towards becoming the best company in the production of special machining for nuts, bolts, pins, studs, unions, nipples and bushes with leaded and unleaded automat, transmission, aluminum, brass, stainless steel and all other steel alloys.


  • Coupled Bandwheels,
  • Steel Band Shaft,
  • Steel Tape Bands,
  • Gezer Crane Tractor,
  • (Bandage,)
  • Crankshaft Steel Tape Wheels,
  • Crankshaft Hammer Mill,
  • Flame Pipes, Bushes,
  • (Chrome, Bronze, Aluminum, Steel, Derlin, Polyamide, Casting, etc.)
  • Bag, Direction, Transmitter Relays,
  • (Aluminum) Cement Rotary Packaging Kantar,
  • Spare Parts Sieve Bearings Ash Separator Wing Flanges,
  • Hubs,
  • Bolts Screw Hanger Bearings,
  • Bushes Seperator Wings Preheater Inflatable Caps Cement Filling Bellows Rubber Band Relays,
  • Return relays,
  • Pulse Relays,
  • Drums Gears Pulleys Rollers Flanges Special Bolts and Nuts Special Springs Special Analysis Cast Iron Parts, Cast Iron,
  • Ductile Iron Casting,
  • Steel casting,
  • Aluminum Casting,
  • Bronze Casting,
  • We are doing machining like brass castings

SECTORS: Hydraulic Parts, Accessories, Textile Parts, Hydraulic Parts, Accessories, Textile Parts, Spare Parts, Mechanical Industry, Curtain Systems, Furniture Parts, Awning Parts, Armature Sanayii, Auto Yansanayi, Elektirik Sanayii, Elektironik Sanayii, Heat Systems, Natural Gas Parts, Heating Systems, Satellite Systems, Auto Antenna, Tractor Parts, Transformer Parts, Tube Parts, Shower Cabin Accessories, Heating Systems,