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Our Work Bench Park

As EROL MAKİNA, there are 350 different kinds of parts produced within our structure. There are available CNC controlled vertical machining centre, CNC controlled lathes and various kinds of universal machines, cylinder inner and outer grinding in our work bench park.
Dahlih MCV 720 Cnc Vertical Machining Centre750x500x50020041
Cnc Turning Goodway GLS-150Ø 220x50020052
Cnc Turning Goodway GLS-200Ø 300x60020071
Cnc Turning Goodway TA-32Ø 150x35020001
Cnc Turning Spinner TC-32Ø 150x35020021
Cylinder Grinding (Jotes)Ø 300x90019991
Tos Universal Lathe SN 50Ø 500x150019971
German Universal LatheØ 1000x300019961
Tos Milling Work Bench1000x400x40019881
Moulder Mill1000x400x40020052
Arsenal Geared Drill ArsenalØ 3219961
Cut SawØ 28020071
Axial Welding Engine19961
Desktop Drill (Ekçelik)Ø 1320066
Eccentric Press35 tone1997
EROL MAKİNA TEKS. VE GIDA SAN. VE TİC. LTD. ŞTİ. Cuma Mah. Talimhane Cad. Apek Bilge İş Merkezi No: 75-76 Rami - Eyüpsultan / İstanbul / Türkiye Phone: +90 212 613 74 66 E-mail: info@erolmakina.com.tr Web: www.erolmakina.com.tr
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